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Revreya grounds to the earth to channel healing from momma herself. A meditation teacher and energy worker, she glides through sonic landscapes to say hello to healing. Revreya's unique brand of restorative alt-rock empowers those seeking release to leave it all on the floor and to untangle life's knots through movement.

Revreya's self-titled EP produced by R. Aaron Walters ventures through trying relationships as a metaphor for poisonous attraction, questioning the essence of truth and ending with a battle cry - to rise above as warriors. A Bishop Briggs - Florence Welsh mashup, Revreya's instinctive rhythms are intensified by her fiery vocal performance, colored by a low, rich timbre and transcendent soprano overtones. It is an intuitive soul dance featuring winding violin, playful electric and acoustic guitar, astute keys, and a driving rhythm section.

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