Listen Local.

Strike Gold.

3.15 | Space Theater | 8 PM

Listen Local, Strike Gold presents Original SF Release Party, a celebration of home-grown talent and original music. Revreya will kick off the night with her fiery vocal performance, colored by a low, rich timbre and transcendent soprano overtones. The party continues with Amalgamation in a fever dream of imagination as they debut their new single. Just when you think you can't dance any longer, The Minnesota Child will immerse you in raw and emotional spirit as they release a brand new music video. Ring in Saint Patrick's Day at Space 360, get lucky.


With The Minnesota Child

The Minnesota Child’s Ethan Buckner picked up the guitar at 16 and started writing songs after he witnessed death for the first time. Inspired by the reflective and soulful songwriting of Sam Beam, Paul Simon, and Justin Vernon, Ethan channeled his own grief and love into his newfound passion for poetry and melody. The raw and emotional spirit of Ethan’s songwriting is infused into the lush indie folk/pop sound of Fireflies, the 2018 full band debut of The Minnesota Child. Produced by Jeff Saltzman (The Killers, Blondie) and Ethan’s brother, drummer/producer Matt Buckner, the album is "a life affirming, joyful collection of songs that find the beauty in both the dark and the light” (Impose).


With Revreya

Revreya is a musician, singer, and songwriter based in Oakland, California. A Bishop Briggs - Florence Welch mashup, Revreya's driving rhythms are intensified by her fiery vocal performance, colored by a low, rich timbre and transcendent soprano overtones. Born in Syracuse, NY, Revreya teamed up with lifelong friend and producer Aaron Walters based in Nashville, TN, to create Irresistible. The 3 track EP combines rock, americana, and soul influences to create a mosaic of sound, unified in its call for higher consciousness.


With Amalgamation



Amalgamation is a San Francisco alternative-rock band with a mystical drive buoyed by the powerhouse vocals of front woman Robin Lovejoy and guitarist Ivo Mijac’s nimble arrangements. Much like their musical ancestors Led Zeppelin, PJ Harvey, & Jeff Buckley, the music mingles dark and light, exploring fever dreams of the imagination. Joining the band are new members, John Candela on drums and Anthony Alosi on bass. They are currently celebrating the release of their newest single, "We're Not the Only Ones".